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February 2010 Blog Posts (14)

Census 2010 Kick-off BBQ

CENSUS 2010 Kick-Off BBQ

Morgan Park/Julia McNeill Senior Center

4100 Baldwin Park Boulevard…


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A Hole next to our school-Photo Contest

I chose this image because this is a hole with trash in it and its right next to the school.1ST of all why would people be throwing trash in a hole & 2nd why would there be a hole in the sidewalk if it’s a place to walk not to stumble on it & fall.Isn’t it the city’s responsibilty to clean & repair the hole,but why don’t…


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The Schoolyard Foodie: Squash is Camote–Dual Language Immersion in the Kitchen

ebruary 24, 2010...12:54 am

The Schoolyard Foodie: Squash is Camote–Dual Language Immersion in the Kitchen

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~What to know about the 2010 Census~



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Dr. Esparsza (5 easy alternate pain relievers) #1

Hello everyone, im just stopping by to update every one on last weeks meeting with Dr. Esparza.

Dr. Esparza was talking mainly about how to slowly eliminate harsh chemicals from our body and how to

increase our daily intake of water. She stated that there are many alternatives to using things such as tylenol

and other drugs to relieve pain. Dr. Esparza also gave a list of 5 easy ways to reduce pain:

1) Take essential…


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What To Eat At A Vending Machine

The office vending machine, full of colorful packaging and shiny plastic wrappers, can be a diet minefield -- but it doesn't have to be. Sandwiched between the candy bars and giant bottles of soda, there are some healthy alternatives. As a…


Added by Anabel Gutierrez on February 18, 2010 at 1:23pm — 3 Comments

555 pound child gets taken away from mother

Last semester in my government class, we played a mock court case based on a real court case. The court case was presented by Werefedup leader, Adriana Ochoa (she's in my class!). The gist of the case was that a 14 year old boy, Alexander was at 555 pounds and social services believed that his mother, Jerri Gray was performing a child abuse by not performing anything to reduce the weight of her child even when the services gave her the opportunity to do so. They planned to take him away and…


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City of Baldwin Park

Department of Recreation and Community Services


Community BBQ

February 27,2010

11:00am - 1:00pm

Morgan Park

4100 Baldwin Park Blvd.…


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The Schoolyard Foodie: Keepin’ it real in the kitchen with middleschoolers


Imagine you are 12 years old. Your body is starting to do new and fascinating things like grow facial hair, smell, and change its voice. Your emotions are bouncing off the walls regularly and perhaps there is no other time in your life when what you

put into your body is of greater significance.

During your 20 minute lunch break, however,…


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Doctor Elena Esparza Visit's South LA

I'm very excited to announce that Doctor Elena Esparza will be visiting The Accelerated Schools tomorrow to give a wonderful and interactive presentation on that wonderful resource of pure Love we call... WATER!

What would you rather drink? Water or Soda? Why? When you make the decision to pop open that Pepsi or Coke and you feel that burn down your throat and esophagus what does this dark liquid do once it goes into your blood stream and organs? How is soda one of the causes…


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Healthy Fun Valentine Treats!!

Instead of giving your love ones, family, or friends chocolate for valetines give them something healthy and sweet!! Here are 4 recipes:

Friendship Fruit Dip

8 oz. low fat vanilla yogurt

2 Tbs. 100% orange juice…


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10 Easy ways to Reduce Pain Now!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this from the "Just Breath Healing" website. Dr.. Elena is a local doctor and well trusted! Read on..... good information!



1 Take Essential Fatty Acids: (EFA) -Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fats. (Some fancy letters for the GOOD fats)

1000-4000 mg/day in acute stages are critical in reducing inflammation… Continue

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Dannon Opens Application Period for Next Generation Nutrition Grants

The Dannon Company has announced that applications are available for its fifth annual Dannon Next Generation Nutrition Grants.

Dannon will award grants of $30,000 each to four nonprofits for programs that support childhood nutrition education and promote healthy eating habits among children within each of the four communities where a Dannon facility is located — Salt Lake County, Utah; Tarrant County, Texas;… Continue

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"Food, Inc." is Nominated for an Oscar!

Congratulations to WereFedUp's Connie Gonzalez and her family who are prominently featured in the documentary film "Food, Inc." which today earned an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature!

If you haven't seen the movie yet, RENT IT! Today's news will help continue to promote this movie's shocking look into questionable… Continue

Added by Javier on February 2, 2010 at 11:31am — 2 Comments

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