It Takes Guts to Fight Obesity

Someone to talk to about weight, i lost over 100 pounds from my freshman year of high school to my senior year. I can help you out and also be there to talk if you need that support


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Congrats on your weight.
I'm a yo-yo dieter.
I lose a lot of weight, but then I manage to gain it right back.
How can I stop this?
Oh man, i was there.. and i figured out why I yo-yo-ed, it was honestly because i was losing weight too quickly, and once i lost the weight i was like "screw it, im thinner so this means i can eat like i did!" The reality of it was that when you lose weight at a high pace it will come back at a high pace as well, if not faster! which sucks, because being big if i didn't see results quickly i figured it wasn't working which isn't true at all. All you have to do is eat a little healthier. What i did was instead of a cheese burger from McDonalds, i would order a grilled chicken sandwich, with apple slices instead of the fries. And i honestly didn't see results for a while, but i would weigh myself and if i lost a pound a week or maybe 2 pounds i would get excited! You cant expect fast results, but losing weight slowly is much easier to keep off. Also walk more, i started walking to the store instead of driving, or if there was a long distance ride a bike instead of take a bus or get dropped off. Its a baby-step situation when losing weight, you just gotta keep doin it... Good Luck

Thank you. I shall see what happens with your advice.
How have you been? Any news on diets?

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