It Takes Guts to Fight Obesity


BALDWIN PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Passionate teens from the “Healthy Teens on the Move” have worked hard with city officials and local organizations to create the “Healthy Selection” campaign. This campaign points out the healthy food selections for shoppers. Baldwin Park’s local corner stores have accepted this campaign. The campaign’s innovative nature and success have caught the attention of city officials and have led them to adopt its ideas as city wide policies.One teen affirms,

“We want ‘Healthy Selection” to be widespread in our city, Baldwin Park. I believe we are taking great steps toward this goal.”

The Corner store Conversion taskforce designed a Healthy Selection Initiative with 3 key parts:

  • Engage city council and staff in enforcing existing local rules set to regulate sign display and develop an enforcement section for these
  • Work together with business owners to increase healthy food sales
  • Come up with a base/guidelines from which to convert corner stores

In this economic crisis, store owners are facing challenges, such as lack information of innovative purchasing, as well as the local health impact of their stores. The campaign tries to help business owners overcome these challenges. Healthy Selection places the campaign sticker logos and signs, created by the teens, in the aisles to point out the healthier selection when compared to similar products. Some of these healthy options include products with low salt, fat, and sugar. These choices meet the California Laws SB12 and SB965, laws which set the requirements for snacks and drinks in schools. During October and December of last year, nine stores joined the Healthy Selection Initiative. Some of these stores are: Smart & Final, 7-11, Vallarta Market and other locally owned stores.

“Cities need to prioritize access to healthy food and make sure that our residents have plenty of safe places to exercise. It is imperative that youth take a leadership role in advocating for healthy environments. It’s what made a difference in our community.” --Baldwin Park Councilwoman Marlen Garcia

Want to learn more about the “Healthy Selection” campaign or learn ideas to help start this initiative in your city? Send an e-mail to Christina Cardenas, CCPHA Advocate Coordinator at

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